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Watching Movie Everyday Can Improve The Foreign Language Speaking Skill
Yunita, Emzir, Ratna Dewanti

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


The purpose of this research is to study the learning process of improving learning outcomes in English through collaborative learning using movie. This research is an action research conducted on the English Literature study program at Darma Persada University with a total of 30 students. Data obtained from English test results before and after the action. The results showed the learning process using movie made students become more active in the learning process of speaking skills, this is indicated by the level of their participation in learning. While the results of improved learning skills and English language skills using movie there was a significant increase from the pre-action stage to the third cycle in the research process. The average score of students in the pre-action stage was only 49 and then increased in the first cycle to 53. While in the second cycle the average value of students was 56.5 and increased in the third cycle to 71. Thus the results of the study showed that it raised its ideas in learning that were fun to make students eager to learn and significanly, the research conducted with this movie helped students improve their skills in speaking English.

Keywords: action research, movie, English language skills, collaborative learning models.

Topic: Education

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Yunita S.S., M.Sas)

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