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Digital Literacy Competence for Academic Needs: The Impact on the Students^ Writing Quality
Istiqlaliah Nurul Hidayati, Ratna Dewanti, Yumna Rasyid

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


Digital literacy is something very essential nowadays since digital tools are used almost in every aspect of life, especially in this pandemic era where people count on the tools to make them able to stay at their place but still interconnected with other people. These tools are at large, yet not all students have used them to support their academic needs. There are many of the tools that can actually help students in their academic life. One aspect of the academic life is learning to write. Writing is still considered complicated for students since they are required to know what to write, correct words to use, accurate grammar and mechanics to implement, and so on. However, helps are actually around. In this study, the researcher uses the students^ competence of digital literacy to help them learn to write. The method employed is Design by Research (DBR). The study is started by analyzing practical problems by researchers and practitioners in collaboration. The second step is developing solutions informed by existing design principles and technological innovations. The next is doing iterative cycles of testing and refinement of solution in practice and finally reflecting to produce ^design principles^ and enhancing solution implementation (Oh & Huang, 2018). The study involves 123 students of the fourth semester from the department of English language Education Study Program. It is found that digital literacy competence is significantly helps the students in enhancing their essay writing quality.

Keywords: Digital literacy, essay writing, design by research

Topic: Education

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Istiqlaliah Nurul Hidayati)

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