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The Impact of Climate Change on The Level Vulnerability of Flood Disaster in Coastal Area of Takalar Regency, South Sulawesi Province
Mukti Ali*, Slamet Trisutomo, and Namirah, 1Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia

Universitas Hasanuddin


Coastal area has an important role for the welfare of people^s lives, especially for people in coastal areas. Climate change has a quite serious impact on the coastal areas, one of the impacts is sea level rise. Based on Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW) of Takalar Regency 2016-2035, there are several districts categorized as flood-prone area. This research is located in the coastal area of Takalar Regency which consists of six district, those are district of Mangarabombang, Mappakasunggu, Sanrobone, North Galesong, South Galesong, and Galesong. This research aims to determine the level of vulnerability to flood disaster, the impact on productive land due to climate change in the coastal area of Takalar Regency, and arrange direction flood disaster mitigation. This research is a kind of descriptive research through qualitative and quantitative approaches. The analysis used in the form of analysis vulnerability, spatial, and descriptive. The result of this study indicates the level of vulnerability to flood disaster in the coastal area of Takalar Regency is at a high level of vulnerability. This research focuses on the impacts on productive land that has been flooded due to climate change. From the spatial-based calculation of total losses, the area of inundated land is 1.068.115 m2. For structural mitigation efforts, that is the creation of artificial dykes and conservation of mangrove forests, while for the mitigation non-structural effort, that is do water rehabilitation and make a mapping productive land to flood-prone areas.

Keywords: climate change, vulnerability, coastal area, Takalar

Topic: Sustainable Development

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Mukti Ali)

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