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Energy-efficient Building Design Aesthetic Model Related to Optimization of Solar Energy Utilization
Nurul Jamala, Ramli Rahim, Taufik Ishak

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia


Optimizing the use of solar energy as a source of natural lighting in buildings is one way of saving energy. The aesthetic value of the building needs to be considered in planning an energy efficient building model. The facade model on the building envelope can reflect the aesthetic value of a building. The research objective is to analyze the aesthetic model of buildings by applying solar energy optimization. The research method is quantitative, namely by simulating the building facade model and then analyzing the simulation results. The simulation uses the ecotech program to determine energy consumption and light intensity in buildings. The research object is an office building, namely the Bank Mega Makassar Building which is located in a coastal area. The results showed that the aesthetic design model of the building affects the consumption of solar energy. The results showed that there was an increase in the average value of the illuminance level by 9-26% from the floor to the highest floor. The average value of the illuminance level on the 1st floor is 3347 lux and on the 7th floor of 5148 lux, so it can be concluded that the light distribution affects the height of the building. The vertical facade model on the building envelope has the highest illumination value compared to the horizontal, diagonal, vertical-diagonal and vertical-horizontal facade models, so it can be concluded that the facade model affects the distribution of natural light. The contribution of this research as a concept in planning a building with aesthetic value and energy saving in the study of natural lighting systems in buildings.

Keywords: energy, illuminance, building, models

Topic: Renewable Energy

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Nurul Jamala B)

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