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Influence of Number of Collisions Towards Asphalt Emulsion Mixture Stability Using Marshall Method (SNI 06-2489-1991)
Irianto1, M. Tumpu2, D. S. Mabui1 and Mansyur3

1. Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, Yapis University, Jayapura, Indonesia
2. Doctoral Course Student, Civil Engineering Department, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
3. Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, Sembilan Belas November University, Indonesia


The development of road construction in Indonesia recently increased. This resulted in demand of asphalt, which is one of the materials used in the pavement mix has also increased. Aspalt emulsion in Indonesia have been applied, but only to the adhesive layer and the absorption layer. The Public Works Department of the Directorate General Bina Marga has issued several guidelines to guide the implementation of cold mix asphalt work. The use of emulsion asphalt mixture technology which has a low temperature will reduce emissions, reduce the amount of energy consumption, and avoid oxidation. This study aims to analyze the value of the optimum asphalt content (KAO) mixture of emulsion asphalt CSS-1h and to analyze the effect of the number of collisions on the stability of the emulsion asphalt mixture. The results show that based on the relationship between the emulsion asphalt content and all Marshall and volumetric parameters, the optimum residual asphalt content is obtained. The emulsion is 5.5%. The impact of the collision on the stability value increases with the number of collisions. This test results in stability values of 1223.5 kg, 1373 kg and 1401.1 kg for normal specimens while for immersed test objects the remaining stability values are 51.7 kg, 59 kg, 68.2 kg. Based on the values obtained, this test is declared to meet the specifications for the cold mix emulsion asphalt.

Keywords: emulsion asphalt, cold mixture and optimun content

Topic: Infrastructure

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (irianto irianto)

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