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Study of Mineralogy and Texture of Iron Ore Deposits Prospect Bontocani Area Bone Regency, Indonesia
Hasbi Bakri1,2, A.M.Imran3, Ulva Ria Urfan3, Adi Maulana3

1Earth and Environmental Technology Study Program, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar
2Mining Engineering Department, Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makassar
3Geological Engineering Department, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar
Email : hasbi.bakri[at]


Study of mineralogy and texture of iron ore deposit from two sites (Pake and Tanjung) Bontocani area Bone Regency, South Sulawesi is reported. The objective of the study is to identify types of minerals and textures of Fe-bearing minerals, ore minerals other than Fe-bearing minerals and gangue. The identification of mineral types and textures was carried out by integrating the results of laboratory analysis on mineral and XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) samples. Iron ore-bearing minerals found in both sites consist of oxides (magnetic, hematite, ilmenite), hydroxide (goetite), carbonate (siderite). Other ores associated with iron -bearing in the Tanjung area include pyrite, chalcopyrite, covellite, sphalerite, cromite, manganite, cooperite and cristobalite whereas in Pake are manganite, pyrolusite, azurite, alabandite. The gangue minerals found in the Tanjung site consist of calcite, quartz, albite, diopside, hedenbergite, danalite, andradite, magnesite, fluorine and Pakke site including calcite, quartz, magnesite, flouroapatite, chlorite, anortite, andradite. The textures of the ore found in these two areas are open space filling, replacement, intergrowth and granular.

Keywords: iron, XRD, mineral, texture, Tanjung, Pake

Topic: Material Science and Health Community Services

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Hasbi Bakri)

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