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Influence of raw material composition of mixed of canary shell and coal briquette against calorific value
S Widodo1*, N Asmiani2, N Jafar2, A Artiningsih2, S R Nurhawaisyah2, C A Chalik2, and M Azwan2

1Mining Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, 90245, Indonesia.

2Mining Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Muslim University of Indonesia, Makassar, 90231, Indonesia


Abstract. The fuel consumption rate rises and is expected to increase continuously, causing fuel supplies to be depleted and this forces the public to find alternative sources of fuel such as bio-briquettes. The waste of canary shells is widespread and can be used as an alternative energy source of bio-briquette making. There is a need for research on the influence of raw materials bio-briquette mixture of coal and canary shells against the value of calories produced. Bio-Briquette making using canary shell or coal composition: water: Tapioca Starch (250 g: 50 g: 100 ml). The canary shell samples are pyrolyzed and a grain-size reduction is performed on coal and canary shells. Canary shell and coal bio-briquettes are made with four variations of type I bio-briquette (coal composition 100%), type II bio-briquette (canary shell Composition 100%), type III bio-briquette (canary shell Composition: coal (50:50%) and bio-briquette Type IV (Canary shell: coal (75:25%). Further analysis is the calorie value. From the results of this study, the authors get the value of calories from a variety of bio-briquette making. Bio-briquette Type I has a calorie value of 5539 kcal/g, Type II Bio-Briquette produces the highest calorie value of 6354 cal/g, bio-briquette type III ie 6020 kcal/g and Type IV bio-briquette with the most recommendation in the utilization of the canary shell and coal bio-briquette that obtained a calorie value of 6096 cal/g.

Keywords: bio-briquette- pyrolysis- coal- canary shell- calorific value

Topic: Renewable Energy

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Sri Widodo)

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