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The Effect of Using Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Powder and Rice Husk Ash on Compressive Strength and Intital Setting Time of Alkaline-Activated Mortar.
Muhammad Sofyan, Ade Okvianti Irlan, Abdul Rokhman, Dicki Dian Purnama, RR. Nadiyah Rachmadani Utami

Institut Teknologi PLN, Universitas Trisakti, Institut Teknologi PLN, Institut Teknologi PLN, Institut Teknologi PLN


Fly Ash, Rice Husk Ash and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Plastic Waste also contribute to environmental problems. Starting from the problem of CO2 emissions to ecosystem damage due to the accumulation of waste on the earth^s surface. Therefore, this study focuses on the use of Fly Ash, Rice husk ash and LLDPE Powder as a mixture of Alkaline-Activated Mortar. In this study, Fly Ash as a Pozzolanic Material mixed with Alkaline Activator Solution serves as a binder for Mortar. Rice husk ash is used as a substitute material for Fly ash while LLDPE powder functions as a substitute material for sand. The percentage of LLDPE powder used in the mortar mixture is from 0 to 15% of the total weight of the mixture. While the percentage of rice husk ash used in the mixture is 7%, Alkali Activator Solution 27% and Sand ranging from 24.5 to 39.5%. There are six variations of the mortar specimen (AAMP1, AAMP2, AAMP3, AAMP4, AAMP5, AAMP6). Initial setting time testing is done on binder mortar. The mortar compressive strength test was carried out at the age of 7 days after curing the oven at temperatures of 40oC and 60oC. From the test results obtained the highest compressive strength of 11.3 MPa on the EM6 test object with a curing temperature of 60oC where the percentage of LLDPE powder on the specimen is 15%. The core of the longest setting time is in the AAMP6 Alkaline-Activated Mortar binder variation, which is 180 minutes.

Keywords: LLDPE Powder, Rice Husk Ash, Alkaline-Activated Mortar, Compressive Strength, Initial Setting Time

Topic: Material Science and Health Community Services

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Sofyan)

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