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Landscape-Lifescape Approach for Production Forest Management in Selayar Protected Forest Management Unit
A. Dharma Ferianti Gunar, Roland A. Barkey, Muslim Salam

Regional Planning and Development, Graduate School Hasanuddin University, Makassar


Forest management requires an integrated and comprehensive approach that applies forest condition management and human living around the forest that consider forests as a unity and function and their management unable to separate from the final result comply ecological and social variety. The unit of Selayar forest management is one of the forest area managers in South Sulawesi Province, whose duties and functions are defending forest area management in the interest of creation sustainable forest management continuously. However, its implementation has not been able to be implemented effectively due to low public interest and limited government funding towards forest are management. This research conducted to analyze suitability of land usage for three alternative forest area management options in order to create appropriate and effective forest area management that possible to provide ecological and economical functions of community purposes. The method of the research established by assessing ten variables from the landscape-lifescape approach. The final result is a proposed map of forest area management for forest area protection, forest and land rehabilitation and utilization of forest areas with an agroforestry system. Based on analysis results, the suitable area for the use as a protection area is around 55% of the forest area. As an alternative, the area is suitable for the forest development activities with an agroforestry system covering an area of &#8203-&#8203-22%. The last alternative, the suitability for rehabilitation activities is 2% of the total production forest area. Based on these results, it is expected that forest area managers can carry out more precise and effective management activities so as to create sustainable forest areas.

Keywords: forest management, landscape lifescape approach, spatial AHP, remote sensing

Topic: Sustainable Development

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Andi Dharma Ferianti Gunar)

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