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Study of Flood Simulation in the Tallo River Makassar City South Sulawesi
Musliadi1, Muhammad Chaerul2, Sri Gusty2

1 Postgraduate Student Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, Fajar University, Makassar, Indonesia
2Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, Postgraduate Faculty, Fajar University, Makassar, Indonesia


The Tallo River Watershed has a length of 70 km, the area of which is 407.00 km2, the upstream or beginning of the river is at an altitude of 1,100 m above sea level located on Mount Kaliapolompo with the overall length of the river in the Tallo DPS amounting to 131.50 km2. The research objective was to analyze the effect of 5-year flood discharge and tidal changes on the inundation area and flood depth in the Tallo River basin. The rainfall analysis method uses the Log Pearson type III method, where the flow is considered to be two horizontal dimensions with even velocity at each depth. A five year period with a discharge value of 127.64 m3 s will statistically repeat every five years with an estimated chance of occurrence of 0.2 or 20% for each year referred to in a five-year review cycle. The simulation results later showed that the five-year flood discharge resulted in flooding with a depth of 0-3 meters from the maximum tide condition and an inundation area of 31.91 km2 inundated the Tallo District Tamalanrea District, Panakukang District, Western Biringkanaya District, and District Northern Manggala. These areas are located left and right of Tallo River with an altitude between 0 and 2 meters above sea level.

Keywords: floods, Surface Water Modeling, Tallo River

Topic: Infrastructure

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (A. Imam Utama)

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