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Feasibility of biogas as green energy source in central part of South Sulawesi

1Animal Science Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, UIN Alauddin Makassar
Gowa-92118, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia


The goal of this work was aimed to approximate feasibility of biogas as green energy source which is produced from organic matter consist of animal manure such as ruminant (beef) and monogastric (equine) as well as other organic matters from farming activities, particularly in central part of South Sulawesi. Study approximations were conducted with meta analisys to calculate the number of ruminants and monogastrics, corn and rice stalk with supporting data from government body of South Sulawesi province. There are 84,567, 112,915 and 3,579 ruminants which forage in Maros regency, Gowa regency and Makassar city respectively. Furthermore, 6,757, 9,529, and 50 monogastrics which are farmed in Maros regency, Gowa regency and Makassar city respectively. As annual production, corn and rice stalk were produced 465,878.06 tonnes per year. Considering that every cow is able to secrete feces up to 25 kg per day and every equine is able to produce feces up to 30 kg per day, daily feces production for those figures are equal to 2,316,885 kg per day in Maros regency, 3,108,745 kg per day in Gowa regency and 90,975 kg per day in Makassar city . These waste production are able to be converted to biogas as source of green energy for several purposes, while its production ratio is 1 kg dry matter : 1,051.3 litre biogas for beef feces and 1 kg dry matter : 3,980 litre biogas for equine feces and corn and rice stalks are able to be used as elevator of C/N ratio to reach its optimum condition as significant factor in processes of biogas production. Meanwhile 1 m3 biogas equal to 0,6 - 0,8 litre of kerosene.

Keywords: Green energy, Biogas, Greenhouse Gas, Atmosphere and Environment.

Topic: Renewable Energy

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Ikhlazul Amal)

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