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Application of bokashi goat manure and organic liquid fertilizer to improve the growth and yield of lembah palu shallot variety
Ansar M, Bahrudin, Fathurrahman, S Darman and A R Thaha

Department of Agriculture Cultivation, Faculty of Agriculture, Tadulako University


Abstract. The study aims to determine the effect of the application of solid organic fertilizers from bokashi goat manure (BGM) and liquid organic fertilizer (LOF) of cow urine to improve the growth and yield of ^lembah palu^ shallot varieties. The study was conducted on farmers^ land in Sidera Village Subdistrict Sigibiromaru Sigi Regency in Central Sulawesi. Research using Random Complete Block Design (RCBD) in factorials design (two-factor) with three replications. The first factor is the application of BGM, consists of 2 levels, namely: (1) without BGM and (2) BGM 30 t ha-1- The second factor is the concentration of LOF consists of 3 levels: (1) without the LOF, (2) LOF 16 L ha-1 and (3) LOF 32 L ha-1. The results of research showed that BGM 30 t.ha-1, followed by application of 16 L.ha-1 LOF produce shallot crop is higher, and the number of tuber per hill and the fresh weight of tuber per hectare of shallot ^lembah palu^ variety is higher compared with a combination of other treatments. BGM 30 t.ha-1 produced more leaf number and fresh weight of tubers per plant higher and significantly different without BGM. Application LOF 32 L.ha-1 produce of shallot leaves more than without LOF and LOF 16 L.ha-1.

Keywords: organic fertilizer

Topic: Renewable Energy

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Andiny Putri Batara I.B.D)

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