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Design of Groundwater Sustain Irrigation Network System in Panca Lautang Area, Sidrap Regency,South Sulawesi
Bahrul Hidayah (a*), Asri Jaya (a), A. Ildha Dwi Puspita (b), Baso rezki Maulana (a)

a) Geological Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Gowa 92171, Indonesia

b) Civil Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Gowa 92171, Indonesia


Agricultural products are one of the most important necessities in Indonesia. The demands of this product increased continuously almost every year, which necessitate the agricultural side need to be productive in the terms of quality and quantity. To support the continuity of agricultural activities, one of the most important things is to provide a proper irrigation system.
This study aims to support agricultural activities by providing the design of irrigation systems using sustainable development of the groundwater system, particularly in the area with a low rainfall degree. To realize a sustainable irrigation system design, measured planning and preparation are required, this study conducting topographical and hydrogeological mapping, calculating aquifer discharge and water requirements, calculating pump and energy needs, designing piping systems for water distribution, and determine budget costs planning.
The study area situated in the Panca Lautang area, Sidrap regency, South Sulawesi with a location area around 19.51 Ha, with a height difference of 36-39 masl. Based on the surface geological mapping, the research area is located in the Quarternary Alluvial Deposition (Qa) Formation which consists of clay, silt, mud, sand, and gravel deposits. The climatological conditions of the study area have an average air temperature reaching 29 C with 7 C fluctuation. The average rainfall ranges are 2000 mm/year. VES and aquifer modeling shows that the aquifer is located at a depth of 80-120 meters with a potential discharge of up to 18.638 m3/hour. The water requirement for agricultural land ranges is 0.871 - 1.511 l/sec/ha, whereas the total head of the submersible pump requirement is 109 meters. The total power requirement is 3.04 kW, with the length of the irrigation network pipe is 1.127.35 m. Construction of a network system design costs up to IDR 1,478,400,000, including VAT.

Keywords: Hydrogeology, irrigation, Ground water, VES

Topic: Sustainable Development

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (bahrul hidayah)

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