Assertive Speech Acts In Bahasa Indonesia Debate Competition 2019
Tutike Lahunduitan (*), Endry Boeriswati(b), Asti Purbarini (b)

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


This study aimed to describe and assess the assertive speech acts found in a debate competition using Bahasa Indonesia in 2019, by a vote of ^The Boards Believe That Developing Countries Should Implement Filial Responsibility Law^. The data of this research are (1) the form of assertive speech acts in the 2019 Bahasa Indonesia Debate Competition and (2) the function of assertive speech acts in the competition. The data source in this study is the Bahasa Indonesia debate competition 2019 in the form of speech acts which was revealed by participants in the Indonesian language debate competition in 2019. The data, hereafter processed through a content analysis method with a qualitative approach. The findings of this study are in the form of assertive speech acts and the function of assertive speech acts used in each speech of Bahasa Indonesia debate competition participants in 2019. Analysis of the findings shows that declarative sentence as a form of assertive speech act has the highest intensity of 50% and assertive verb as a assertive speech act function has the highest intensity of 28.85 %. The result of the research is recommended as insight to the public, as well as a consideration of Bahasa Indonesia teaching materials for higher education and secondary schools.

Keywords: speech acts, Bahasa Indonesia debate competition, content analysis

Topic: Education

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