Community-Based Waste Management Model at DKI Jakarta
Achmad Husen (a), Samadi (b), Dina Rahma Fadlilah (c)

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


At the beginning of the year in 2020, Jakarta was flooded, which was worse than the previous years. This is due to high intensity of rainfall and trash clogging drains. It is necessary to develope a community-based waste management model. In order to increasing appetency and consciousness of siciety to sorting and disposing of trash in its place.
This research aims to find a suitable waste management model for DKI Jakarta province. The research time frame are between June - October 2020. The methods of this research are using descriptive analysis and research and development approach.

The main data source of this research is qualitative survey of local government whose in charge for district waste management (such as- Sanitary directorate, Environmental directorate), local community- Waste Bank, Waste recycle practitioner that include fertilizer producer who use waste as its ingredients, and hamlet local government and society: Head of neighborhood, head of society, and civil society.

The benefit of this research is important and strategic for developing safe and comfort environment, Thus the society could have better life quality. From this research, authors wishes the development of future research in form of articles or journal that published in national or international journal.

Keywords: Model, waste management, community-based

Topic: Education

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