The social studies education curriculum model during Covid-19 pandemic in Jakarta Senior High School
Muhammad Zid, Asep Rudi Casmana

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


This study aims to describe a social studies education curriculum model during covid-19 pandemic in Jakarta Senior High School. The social studies education, particularly geography subject plays an important role in the school. This module helps to shape student ability in order to improve critical thinking skill, creativity skill, communication skill and collaborative skill. These skills are considered to be a 21st century required abilities that students should be owned. However, during the covid-19, the curriculum model and the teaching strategic are completely different. Therefore, this study will investigate how the teachers alter the curriculum model during this catastrophe. The qualitative method was used to analyze the data from the participants. Twenty senior high school teachers were participated in this study. A structured interview was used to get the data from the respondents. The result shows that the majority of schools used an online learning platform to teach their students in distance learning. In addition, there is a slight change in the curriculum such as only two subjects in a day for teaching students. Also, teachers generally used zoom, google classroom and whatsapp group to educate their students during covid-19 pandemic. It can be concluded that although there is a covid-19, teachers in Jakarta Senior High School used to maximize their digital literacy skill to educate their students.

Keywords: Social studies education, geography curriculum, covid-19, distance learning

Topic: Education

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