Real-Time Flood propagation on the Downstream of Bili-Bili Reservoir with Hydraulic Routing
M. Azwin S. (a), F. Maricar (b), Rita T. Lopa (b)

Hasanuddin University, Jalan Poros Malino Km. 6, Bontomarannu. Gowa, Sulawesi Selatan. 92171, Indonesia


On January 2019, the biggest flood in the last decade struck Gowa and Makassar. The flood claimed enormous number of victims and caused severe damage to many buildings. The flood in Jeneberang river can be anticipated by Hydraulic Routing. This research was conducted through three phases: delineation of watershed by using Arcgis, Hydraulic Routing by using HEC-HMS, and flood puddle simulation by using HEC-RAS which has been integrated with RAS-MAPPER. Through this research, Hydraulic Routing hydrograph model, flood travel time, real-time flood puddle model in Bili-Bili reservoir downstream have been discovered. The result shows that Hydraulic Routing hydrograph is reduced as it travels to the downstream by significant flood travel time and also shows that the flood puddle is quite vast.

Keywords: Jeneberang River- Flood- Hydraulic Routing

Topic: Sustainable Development

GIESED 2020 Conference | Conference Management System